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New Edition Dec. 2005!
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Challenge to the Massage Profession: Defining Medical Massage

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Work Less, Play More...the Sitebuildit! Way!!!

What brought me to the massage profession was really my need for independence and autonomy.  I hated working for companies who didn't respect me (and pay me what I was worth while they sailed around the world in their custom made sailboat).   My freedom is what I value most and continue to value the most.

Freedom to do as I please, when I please is really big for me.

I also have seen many others choose this profession for the same reasons. 

That freedom has been enhanced by being able to make a decent income from my websites.  I now do massage 3 days a week and play on my websites the other 2 days.

Working Less, Playing More has become my motto of sorts...

 But I have also struggled along the way, trying to maintain my freedom while making money.  It got so much easier when I discovered the power of using Sitebuildit!  They also taught me everything about being successful online.  They are much more than a web hosting company.  They provide a complete system for success, whether it is for your massage or other health service business or your other passions.  (Here is some proof that they do what they say they are going to do)

You don't have to be a writer or web programmer.  What you do need is a passion for something.  

If you are responding with the "I don't have anything that I am passionate about, you may have just forgotten because of the hectic life you have created searching for success and financial freedom. (Here are some case studies to get you thinking about what it is that you do know!)

Sitebuildit! provides all of the tools, whistles and bells to help you brainstorm a topic, create a website that is targeted towards driving traffic to your site.  (You can compare it to other packages and see for yourself.) If you are using it for your massage business, it helps you create pages and content that search engines will find and potential clients will love.  What everyone is searching for is an answer to their problem...whatever it is...back pain, stress, or just wanting to take time for themselves.  Sitebuildit! does it all for you.  The results are amazing.  Here is my story about using SBI

And if that isn't enough you can email me or email the guy at SBI who can answer all of your questions.


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