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The world of website hosting, design and building is very overwhelming. Who has the coolest features (bulletin boards, chat rooms, mailing lists), the best customer service and the fastest transfer rates?   I have learned the hard way through the years.  I have switched hosting companies a few times looking for the ultimate host. Through the years, I have come to realize that none of those things matters.   It doesn't matter if I have a flash movie playing of a skeleton walking around.  It doesn't matter to anyone if I add all the bells and whistles. What matters is how is anyone going to find my little site in the billions that are out there?  How is someone going to find my site in my town and come and get a massage?

  I have finally found the answer...

Site build it.

It is much more than just hosting.  It shouldn't even be included in any hosting comparisons you may be doing.  I think of it as my personal business development coach!

Site build it is the ultimate traffic builder and business builder.

First of all the site build it manual gives you a step by step guide to developing your business ideas and choosing the best domain name to help you achieve your goals.  Your choice of domain name is essential in building clients. The website is built completely online through the sitebuildit program. You don't really need to know anything about programming or website building.  Sitebuildit! does it all for you.  It builds simple pages, with simple navigation and basically guides you step by step.  If you get stuck there is always great help just an email away.  You do need to know some html (the basic web page language) but they teach you what you need to know.  If you want more info on html, I recommend www.pagetutor.com. They have free tutorials that take you step by step through some basic html.

After your pages are done, Sitebuildit! does all the work of submitting your site to search engines and then provides reports as to how your pages are doing.  You can make the changes you need to get your site to the top of the search engines.  Anyone searching for a massage clinic in their small town USA, should be able to find you!

Try searching right now to find out how many people are actually searching for a massage therapist in your city/town.

Go to this special Site Search Tool that is provided by Sitebuildit! Click the Search it link in the middle of the box, Step One - Select Search Category- Select Brainstorming, Step Two Select Search type - Select Overture Suggestions and Step Three type in massage and the name of your city.  A new page will open- go to the bottom and click on results and you will find a list of how many searches were done online in whatever month of people looking for massage in your city.  Each and every one of these searches should and Will end up on your website when you build a highly content rich website with Sitebuildit!  (My results showed 4601 people searched for Seattle massage in January!  Yes I am in the process of redoing my website and building more rich content to attract the search engines and hence potential clients!)

This is only one of the really cool tools that come with your website.  It is basically part of package that will help you build your website from concept, brainstorming and creating content!

Also, included with the Sitebuildit! is domain name registration, hosting, point and click website building, search engine optimization, automatic search engine submission, traffic stats and the ability to send out newsletters to potential clients and too many other things to mention here - some that I have yet to figure out myself!

Newsletters are the key to building trust and building a relationship with clients and potential clients. Sitebuildit! makes it very easy to develop this aspect of the website.  It has the distinct feature of being able to count the number of newsletters that are actually received and read.  This allows you to track your effectiveness and learn what you need to do next. Every site that offers services should offer a newsletter to pre-sell their services. This is the only way that clients will get to know you and understand what you are doing.

  I started my new site www.massagetherapycareers.com using the Sitebuildit technology and assistance and started selling my E-book immediately and it is consistently building without my even doing much yet to promote it!   
You can start by downloading one of the free manuals to help you with your ideas.   http://freetrial.sitesell.com/thebodyworker.html

Free Manuals from www.sitesell.com to start you on your way to earning extra income online or promoting your massage practice online!

Service Sellers Masters Course
   Attract new clients from around the world...
   Or from around the block

InfoProducts Masters Course
   How to brainstorm, create, produce, and sell
   your very own info-product online

Net Auction Masters Course
   Start and grow a profitable Net auction business.



If you have some other business ideas,  they also have some other great products to get you on your way to a successful website. I started out with  MYSS (Make Your Site Sell!) e- book by Ken Envoy  which really got me on my way.  It gives all the details about product development, search engines, e-zines.  You name it, it has it.  All for about $17-downloaded directly to your computer.  They now have a hard copy available too.  The latest information from Ken Envoy is "Make Your Knowledge Sell"- a wonderful source of information on how to sell information on the internet! 
The sales content on his sites is too much for me, but he does have a great product with lots of useful information if you just click to the order page, you won't be sorry if you are serious about making a living on a website.

The only thing you really need to worry about is developing your content to create interest and develop trust and respect of potential and current clients.  

When you join my sister site at www.massagepracticebuilder.com, I will assist you in every step of the way in designing, creating and building your website ( short of doing it myself!).  The key to creating a successful website is in creating content to build trust with potential clients.  The process of building great content is learning about yourself and learning to communicate who you are.  Writing a mission/vision statement, informed consent statement and articles about massage will also help you get clearer about your business and attracting clients.  We can do this together through the process of supervision at www.massagepracticebuilder.com


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