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Purpose of websites 

In today's high tech world, when people need information they turn to the internet. How often have you heard people say "I need some information on  whatever topic" - they look first online.  When people are looking for a good massage therapist, they should be able to type the name of their city or town into any search engine and the word "massage" and find your website.  On your website they will find all the information they need about your practice - locations, fees, why you are different from all the rest and how to contact you.  

Developing a Website that is of your essence will allow you to build trust and attract new clients to your practice.  Just the process of writing the content can bring new clarity to your vision and mission and rejuvenate your practice.  You can get step by step help from me with building your website when you join my sister site, www.massagepracticebuilder.com 

The most important thing a website can do for your practice is to educate your clients and potential clients about what you do and who you are!  Building a practice is not about sales, but educating clients and potential clients about why they need to have a massage once a week.  I am so tired of reading about the benefits of massage therapy I could just scream.  The benefits mean nothing to your readers.  They don't really care if massage can relieve stress.  They don't care about increasing their circulation or whatever.  You have to discover who your ideal client is so that you can write to attract and educate those who would be most likely to use your services.  

I highly recommend that you start writing about what massage means to you, how it has influenced your life and what you feel your purpose is in doing massage.  You can learn how to do this when you complete an evaluation of your values when you join  www.massagepracticebuilder.com and figure out what solutions do you provide for clients (potential clients).   Figuring out who your ideal client is and creating a powerful educational website is essential in building a practice.  When you create a vision that is in tune with your values, your efforts will be directed into creating that for yourself.  Writing a powerful mission statement and/or informed consent statement will do more for building your practice than paying for any advertising.  (I also provide support for building your website or give feedback on improving your current website when you join www.massagepracticebuilder.com at the full membership rate.

Some of the features you will need in a website are:

  •  the ability to send out a newsletter to subscribers who are potential or current clients.  A newsletter will assist you in building your practice by building trust and getting people to know you before they come in and can deepen your relationship with current clients.
  • software for tracking statistics.  Knowing how and where your visitors came from will allow you to add more information or build specific pages.  This usually comes with your server.
  • some way to submit your pages to the search engines and track the results of the search engines so you can improve your pages for search engines to find them.
  • Dynamic Content is what will attract search engines to your site and content is what will keep people reading to become interested in trying your services.  You can learn more about developing content through the free Service Masters Class and other ebooks offered through SiteSell.com  

Some things to include on your website:

  • Forms: Have all intake, insurance verification forms and release of records forms online for your clients to download and fill out before they come in.
  • Rates, services
  • Location, Map, Directions to office
  • hours available for sessions
  • online appointment booking
  • purchase gift certificates online

I recommend using Sitebuildit! for all your hosting and building needs. You really have to see it to believe it. You don't need to have any programming experience!  

 I have created my other website www.massagetherapycareers.com using this great service and started selling my e-book -"The truth about becoming a massage therapist" the first month I set it up.  I still haven't had time to promote that site efficiently but still get regular sales.  

    I also use Front page and www.ez-webhosting.com for hosting as an alternative.  This website is hosted using this service. It comes with bulletin boards, templates, full email account, mailing lists, search engine submitting, and more.  If you are experienced in website building or have the patience to play and learn while you go...it can be really fun!!

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