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Following your passion and making a living online.

Back in 1999, I was feeling burned out after practicing massage for 12 years.  I was looking for something more to do and struggling with some minor health challenges.  A friend of mine asked who wanted to become a massage therapist asked me if I would set up an apprenticeship program so she wouldn't have to go to formal massage school.  She has an extensive background in pathology and didn't want to deal with all the anatomy and physiology.  I started collecting all of the information I would have to teach her to put into an outline to be approved by the state board (which allows for apprenticeship programs).  After some research into that process, I decided it was too much for me at the time so I took all of that material and started putting in online in a website.  At the time it was a hobby.  I loved creating things and learning about computers.  I wasn't sure how I'd make any money or if I would ever make any money.  It didn't really matter.  I was doing what I thought was the funnest (I know it's not a word, but how else can I describe it!) thing in the world!!  I woke up in the morning thinking about what I would write about that day.  I went to bed thinking about what I would write the next day.

What had brought me to a career in massage was the concept of having my freedom to follow my passion, was now being reinforced.  

As things progressed and I learned about computers, web hosting and writing, I came across a webhost that boasted that you would be able to build traffic easily.  I read about it for about a year, until I actually sat down and purchased my first sitebuildit! website... www.massagetherapycareers.com  I had written an E-book (an electronic book in a pdf file that people can download directly to the computer).  Without doing anything except setting up the pages and a way to take payment through clickbank.com, I began selling e-books within 2 months.   As time went on (2 years) I realized I wasn't building in traffic.  It was staying about the same.  I wasn't doing anything to promote the site.  I took the time to go back and read all of the manual for creating the site and redid every page in April 2005.  I hadn't followed the book as I thought I knew how to do it better and some of the things they were telling me to do as far as optimizing the pages seems ridiculous.  It is now Oct 2005 and my website traffic has doubled and it continues to increase.

So take a few steps back with me to Jan 2005 where I discovered the power of google ads.   I had been hearing about them for some time though the sitebuildit! people but I couldn't believe anyone could make any money with the ads, because I myself never click on the ads.  One day I decided to put them on my top 25 pages.   I didn't think much of it but at the end of the month I had made more than $100.  Hmmm..   I have over 450 pages on my website www.thebodyworker.com What if I put them on every page.  How much could I make?  Well, yes just keep adding up the pages and the estimated amount I made with ads on 25 pages and yes I should be able to make a living totally in about 1 year or less.  

When I added the ads to my Site Buildit! website, www.massagetherapycareers.com  I also noticed that this added to my income and the site is only about 40 pages but yet it provided about 1/3 of my total google ad income - that is more money with less pages.  The only thing I could figure out is that the traffic is more targeted and the ads are targeted towards the content.  

I am now convinced more than ever that it is possible to make a living online, doing whatever it is you are passionate about.  There are many other Site Buildit! owners who are doing the exact same thing.  Compare it to my other project of raising chickens and the website I started about 4 years ago for the fun of it.  www.citychickens.com  I submit it to search engines occasionally and update the pages once in awhile, but I still only get less than 10 people a day and I haven't made a dollar on my google ads.  The difference is the Sitebuildit! technology and process!

The key concept is to find a niche...something you really love that you want to share with the world.  Your first reaction may be that I don't have anything I want to share with the world.   That is just your fear talking.  You may say you don't know anything about computers.  That again is your fear.  I didn't know anything about computers.  My friend's kids taught me how to surf the internet and play games.  I remember my first website and how terrified that I would break the server or the internet if I uploaded my website wrong or something.  I learned by the click and go method.  I took a class in basic html (the web programming language and found free info online). 

But you really don't need to know any programming language or anything.  If you can follow a step by step procedure, you can build your website.  Like anything else, it does take patience.  But be easy with yourself.  You are learning something new.  They have everything you need to know outlined and expanded on in their many manuals such as the "Action Guide" which is the step by step manual that goes into depth about how to really plan ahead to get the best results.  My favorite has been the "Service Sellers Manual"  which is about learning to find what solution you provide and learn to promote your service business online.  I am still working on the "Netwriting Masters Manual"  which is learning about how to presell and give your readers more than they were looking for so they will want to come back and send all of their friends to your website and the "Affiliate Masters Manual."   There is alot of reading material to walk you through every step.  There is also a great online community of bulletin boards with postings from others who are going through the very same process.

Just look at some of the case studies of people who are using Site Build It! to pursue their passion and make money doing it!

How will you know what you are supposed to be doing?  Finding a niche is important. A niche is something that there is a need for that is highly specialized. You can start researching your niche by using the searchit! tool and see how many people are searching for what it is you want to share. It is also something that you must be passionate about or you will run out of energy. While everyone may have a site on business management or cycling, how will yours be different?  

What is your purpose? What are you supposed to be doing?  What do you love doing so much that you would do it for free just because it is the one thing that really lights up your life receptors?  I have written another article on finding your purpose on my other website www.massagetherapycareers.com

If you still don't know what you are going to write about or promote on your website, you don't have to worry.  There are also the coolest tools available to help you brainstorm your concept.   Start with the "Search it tool (click on search it in the middle of the page and a new window opens with the tool)".  I actually have this open on my desktop when I am working as my brain keeps coming up with new ideas and I just can't wait to check them out. It takes a little bit to figure out how it works and what it really means.  Start with a (step one) brainstorming search, (step 2 )  yahoo! overture keyword selector tool and put in a search word - your favorite hobby, that idea that you have been thinking about for awhile and look at how many people are searching for that keyword.  There are many other searches to help you brainstorm and research your competition.  When you actually take the steps to purchase a sitebuildit!, you will also get the help of a brainstorming tool that will access the profitability of each keyword and concept.

The SBI! Process:

Content - build high quality content writing about whatever you love the most!

Traffic builds targeted traffic by building a network of links and getting your website listed in the top pages of the search engines (SBI does most of this for you automatically)

 PREsell -Develop trust and confidence by OVERdelivering relevant, original, high-value information to these motivated pre-customers.  People who are searching online are looking for free information about something and you have that information , insights, knowledge, wisdom and much more!!

 Monetize make money from your warm, willing-to-buy visitors in various ways. Sell hard goods, e-goods, your personal or professional services... or all three. Or become a "pure infopreneur" and earn substantial income without selling at all, through Google Ads, affiliate fees, finder's fees and other techniques).  I started out selling the information I was providing in E-books and in a members only section.  I can now make more providing the information for free by using the google adsense program.  I am still selling E-books too!  I also make a small amount from selling books through amazon.com (That's what is meant by affiliate fees.  You can set up an account with sellers like amazon and others and get a small fee when people buy the item directly from your link)

The steps are critical to success.  It is based upon the fundamental reality of the way people use the Web.  What people are looking for is information.  What information do you have locked away inside you just waiting to get out of prison??  What are you an expert on?  What do you love to talk about, write about or share with others?  

But sitebuildit! takes you step by step and shows you everything you need to know.

The one key ingredient is YOU!  You have to take action in anything to make it work for you.

It's not going to be easy.  There is alot to read and learn.  It does take time to build traffic.  It takes time and energy to create the pages and build links.  You may not become a millionaire over night (but then you might!)  SBI provides all of the information, manuals and know how to help you make it happen.  And you can have me for an advisor!

Ok, so I've said about all I can say.  And if you are still reading, it's probably about time for you to take action.

If you still are not convinced, it's ok.  You may just need to stay in your fear and doubt for awhile longer. It's ok to still live with your excuses - you wouldn't be human. I know it's taken me awhile to work through it all, and I still have excuses and resistance.

I'd be happy to answer any and all questions that you have or help you work through any of your resistance. Feel free to contact me anytime.

You can also you can ask the guys at sitebuildit! directly



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