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Trigger Point Therapy

Firm digital pressure causes hypoxia and reactive hyperemia that clears the triggerpoint.  Reconditioning the muscle after the pain is reduced makes latent triggerpoints less prone to reactivate.

Treatment Method I:

1.  Treat superficial trigger points first, applying 8-30 seconds or until the pain is gone as the client permits.   Notice changes in feel and pain intensity ( ask client for feedback regarding pain intensity).

2.  Are there any referral patterns?

3.  Flush the area with deep effleurage, pettrisage or friction.

4. Return to same trigger point and repeat treatment, 3-4 times removing as much of the pain as possible.

5.  If the pain intensifies, just hold for a few more seconds and go back later.

6.  You can vary the intensity of pressure gradually, moving with the point as it changes and releases.

 Advanced Technique: Treat as many trigger points as you can in the area and related area and throughout the body.
CAUTION:  Do not do this unless you know how to ground a client properly.   Watch for sweating palms or feet, feelings of nausea or dizziness.  This indicates sympathetic over stimulation. Emotional release may also be triggered with such intense work.  Pulling clients fingers and toes should be done after such intense treatments, for grounding.  Hold clients wrist with one hand and grab little finger with the thumb and forefinger, wrapping the hand around the little finger.  Gently, but firmly begin pulling the little finger and let go of their wrist and continue pulling finger until you snap off the end.  Grab the wrist again as you complete the snap to hold the hand up (do not let the hand/arm fall)  Continue with ring finger, middle finger, index finger and thumb.  Repeat as necessary.  Repeat with toes, pulling each toe and releasing.  The pull must come from your center and be pulled from the clients center (abdominal area).  Can you see the abdomen move when you pull the fingers or toes?

  •  Ice can be applied after session or recommend client to ice at home.
  • Client must follow up with high intake of water to flush the toxins and a detox bath consisting of 1 cup epsom salt, 1 cup sea salt and 1 cup baking soda.( or walk in the ocean or other body of salt water).  This will eliminate detox symptoms such as headaches and fatigue.
  • Also following up with movement re-education exercises will integrate the changes into the nervous system.











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