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Test Questions Part 2.

(Answers in Capital letters)

  1. Pettrissage beginning just distal to the medial condyle and moving proximal to the gluteal fold affects which muscles?  a) Anterior adductors B)Medial Hamstrings c) Quadriceps d) Deltoid
  2. In tapping a large area of the body, which massage maneuver is used?  A)Percussion b) Friction c) Efflerage d) Petrissage
  3. In massaging the anconeus, the massage therapist is working in the area of the A) upper extremity b)lower extremity c) abdominal wall d)none of the above
  4. For insomnia, which is BEST? a) heavy effleurage B) Light effleurage c) tapotement d) Pick - up
  5. The main purpose of deep transverse fricition is to A) separate muscle fibers b) lengthen muscle fibers c) shorten muscle fibers d)minimize pain
  6. Which is characteristic of a pressure stroke?  a)is of no consequence b)follows venous flow c) follows arterial flow D) follows gravity
  7. A client complains of and requests massage for severe low back pain.  Which condition produces this pain and is a contraindication for massage?  a)phlebitis b) postural deviation C) herniated disc d)torticollis   ( I got this question off a massage school test and feel that it is inaccurate.  I work on people with disc injuries all the time - so go figure)
  8. To massage the elderly, which stroke would you use?  a)tapotement B) gentle effleurage and petrissage c)deep pressure d) friction over pressure area
  9. When palpating the midline of the back, what is being touched?  a)transverse process b) vertebral body C) spinous process d) articular joint
  10. Mild stimulation of the vagus nerve results in a) irregular heartbeat b) no change c)increased heart beat D)decreased heartbeat
  11. Contraindications for hydrotherapy do NOT include which of the following?  a)kidney infection B)cold c) high or low blood pressure d) skin infection
  12. Massage therapy is used in pain management for a) cardiac and terminal cancer patients b)posttrauma patients c) post surgical patients D)all of the above
  13. The use of cold to depress the activity of pain receptors in the treatment of myofascial pain  a) treatment skin temperature of 13.6 degree C  b)increases nerve conduction velocity  C) permits passive stretching and exercise d)decreases the general activity of the patient

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