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Sports Massage Strokes

Definition Use
Compression -simple pumping action directed deep into the core of the belly of the muscle
-applied with quick rhythmic action using palm, loose fist, fingertips, or ulnar side of hand
-spreads tissue
-creates hyperemia
-softens tight muscles
Friction -circular friction used most often applied with full palm or fingers
-used after compression
-move superficial structure over a deeper structure
-cross-fiber and linear
-decrease muscle spasm
-Caution: cross- fiber friction may cause damage to healthy tissue if done too much
Jostling/Vibration -Jostling -rhythmic picking up of the tissue, filling the hand and tossing the tissue back and forth
-Vibration - trembling in arms or hands that is transferred to the client
-briskly done to stimulate and warm up tissue for pre-event
-gently done to relax tension
Tapotement -rhythmic striking
-beating, hacking, cupping
-pre-event to warm up
-reflexively tones muscles during training
Swedish Gymnastics -contract-relax
-reciprocal inhibition
-increase flexibility
-use post-event and during training
-stretching a cold muscle may cause damage
Drainage -effleurage
-increase drainage of waste products
-use post-event and training



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