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Self Care

Tips for taking care of yourself

  1. Make sure that you get a massage once a week.  It keeps you physically, mentally and emotionally in touch with what you do everyday.  It helps prevent injuries, relieves stress and cleanses the body of any physical, emotional and energetic toxins.  Have you heard yourself telling this to any of your clients?
  2. Make your days off, your days off.  If clients call with aches and pains do you go in on your day off?  It is important to set your boundaries and keep them.  If you don't you may end up feeling taken advantage of or drained.  Your needs come first.  How will you be able to give treatments when you are not healthy yourself?
  3. Take vacations.  Your clients will be there when you get back even though your first thought may be -they will all go to someone else and never come back.  It is good for clients to go to other practitioners.  It gives them some perspective on what you do for them.  They may find a more effective treatment or practitioner, but that is what is best for them.
  4. Set your boundaries with your families and friends.  Have you been massaging them at the drop of a hat, when you come home dead tired and needing a massage yourself?  The best thing to do is have them set up an appointment with you, the same as your other clients.  Are you working on them for free?  It is hard to charge a family member or friend, but you may want to consider a barter system - I massage you - You take me out to dinner or a movie or whatever it is that you may enjoy.
  5. What else do you tell your clients that you don't do for your self?  Eat right, get exercise, take time for yourself, get enough rest or time to your self?
  6. Don't take the work personally.  If you can't "fix" a clients elbow tendinitis that they have had for 2 months in one treatment, it doesn't have anything to do with you.
  7. Every client that comes to you is a gift from the universe with something to teach you.  They have chosen you out of the many therapists out there.  What do they bring to your life?
  8. Physically, massage and bodywork is a demanding profession.  Make sure your body mechanics are correct.  Have someone watch you work or video tape yourself working.  Your arms and hands should not be getting tired, your legs should get tired first.
  9. Taking time for yourself each day is important in remaining centered during each treatment.  Meditation, stretching, movement exercises and quiet walks or whatever it is that make you feel centered are essential in maintaining your spirit.
  10. Taking care of your self internally is as important as all of the above "external" self care ideas.  Taking care of your emotional and spiritual needs is just as important or even more important.  This can be done through the process of supervision and joining a peer supervision group.




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