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Our lives are driven by our feelings.  So often we are really out of touch with our feelings at any given moment.  As children, we are forced to hide our feelings or put them away for a rainy day or until hell freezes over.  We most likely have never learned how to really allow ourselves to feel.  We were overwhelmed by our feelings in early childhood and are still living in fear of having our feelings.

Our feelings are our guide to life.  When we have so called negative feelings it means that we also have an unmet need that goes with them.  It is often unconscious. When we experience positive feelings such as being hopeful, engaged, present, confident and affectionate it indicates that our needs are being met.

The book, Non-violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg addresses the issues of feelings and their meanings.  You can find a list of feelings at one of his associated websites.  

Feelings originate in the body.  It is becoming aware of them and making meaning out of them that is so difficult.  We are often unconscious of what is underneath the feeling.  Our feelings can be triggered by our thoughts.  Our thoughts are ruled by our false beliefs that we somehow acquired through growing up.

There are many great books and techniques for helping us to access our feelings.  Becoming aware of our feelings and then taking responsibility for those feelings is part of becoming an adult.  It is often very difficult as we are not ever really taught how to do this.

While we are not psychotherapists, we do have to become aware of our own feelings to be able to better serve clients and take care of ourselves.


Resources for discovering and working with feelings.

Emotional Freedom Technique 

Non-violent Communication


Loving What Is



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