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Why you may want a Mentor.

Massage schools these days focus primarily on training the massage student to prepare them for certification or to take a state licensing exam.  This in no way guarantees that they will be able to build and sustain a practice.  While some schools do touch on the basics, it really takes more than that. Working on people in a close one on one relationship, is really different than working on your classmates and neighbors.  They will have  injuries and problems you never heard about in massage school.  They will ask you questions you never thought about. 

Mentoring is a supportive learning relationship between an individual who shares their knowledge, experience and wisdom with others who are ready and willing to enrich their personal life.  When an experienced massage therapist shares their knowledge with others just starting out, the work of the person being mentored is facilitated.  This allows for further growth of both people who are involved. Once the basics are in place, the opportunity for taking your practice where you want it to go increases.  

Some reasons for finding a Mentor are: 

  • to learn how to build and maintain your business

  • to learn about insurance billing

  • to get advice on client care

  • to discuss ethical issues

  • so you don't have to do everything alone

  • to discuss issues of the therapeutic relationship

  • to discuss ethical issues

  • to get feedback as to how you are doing

  • to get support when you need it

  • if your practice is not what you want it to be

  • if you find yourself struggling financially, mentally ,emotionally

  • if you are happy with what money you are making, but find you are working too hard and seeing too many clients.

  • if you are feeling fatigued and frustrated. 

These are just a few of the reasons.  Basically, mentoring will assist you in any areas you need.  It is up to you to ask for help when you need it.  Most therapists think they have to figure it out by themselves.  If we find assistance and then assist someone else, we are able to give back to the profession and facilitate it's growth.

See also Supervision and Peer Groups.



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