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Medical Treatments


True Sciatica -pain and inflammation of the sciatic nerve root at L4, L5 and sacral plexus caused by disc protrusion or herniation, or by adhesions, fibrositis, degenerative joint disease
Pseudo Sciatica - sciatic nerve inflammation brought on by piriformis syndrome, fibromyalgia, IT band syndrome.

Strain from imbalanced posture often causes sciatica.  Imbalanced posture can be caused by many things including right or left side dominance, the body protecting the internal organs and vessels in the shortened side, food allergies or intolerances, previous injuries, emotional distress and trauma.

Signs/Symptoms: pain referring down the hip, back of leg and possibly to foot intermittent or shooting pain numbness, muscle weakness, atrophy, foot droop, paralysis

Treatments: refer to physician to determine type of sciatica if due to disc problem, psoas work may assist in relieving pressure if due to piriformis tightness: balance hip rotators and pelvis

Other helpful therapies: Pilates, Physical Therapy, Feldenkrais, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Changes in Diet


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