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Quadra Special: ongoing


Definitions:  Pain in and around the head.
Types of:

  1. Migraines
  2. Tension
  3. Sinus
  4. Trigeminal Neuralgia
  1. Migraines: mostly unknown (by medical community), cranial circulation problem, misalignment of neck vertebrae, food or chemical sensitivities (environmental), hormonal changes (female, thyroid), blood sugar imbalances
  2. Tension: muscle spasm, TMJ problems, neck alignment
  3. Sinus: allergies (can be food, pollen, etc.), bacterial or viral, neck misalignments
  4. Trigeminal Neuralgia - 5th Cranial Nerve irritation
  1. Migraines:  bilateral or unilateral pain, pain mild to severe lasting for hours or days, nausea, vomiting, distorted or blurred vision, sensitive to light and sound, cold extremities
  2. Tension: pain, referred pain, muscle spasm and tension, triggerpoints, duration 1 hour to 1 day, TMJ, frontal, temporal and occipital regions often affected
  3. Sinus: pressure around eyes, nose, cheeks or back of head, congestion, excess mucous,
  4. Trigeminal Neuralgia -triggerpoints in face, lips, tongue, jaw, more common in older people (50+)
Treatment Goals:
  • be aware of clients tolerance: may need dark room, soft touch depending on stage and type of headache
  • decompress neck, facial bones, occipital area
  • massage may sometimes cause headache to become worse
  • most kinds of headaches can be relieved by working the back of the neck, occipital area, SCM, upper back, trapezius, levator scapula.
  • treat triggerpoints on top of head, back of head, neck
  • ice to back of neck, forehead; heat to feet/hands.
  • traction to neck

  • Other helpful therapies: Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Cranio-sacral, Naturopathy to detoxify and eliminate foods/chemicals

    Possible Triggers Include:

  • cheese
  • chocolate
  • dairy products
  • bananas
  • alcohol
  • sensitivities to wheat
  • caffeine

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