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Why Meditate?
Now that you have learned (or are learning) all the muscles, all the theories, all the techniques, what are you going to do with them all.  It takes more than just knowing things to become an effective therapist. One of the keys to being a good therapist is to allow the client to go through their own processes and support them in this rather than try and change them. The best way to become a facilitator is to clear your self of all thoughts and judgments through a practice of meditation.  This is what will allow you to stand out and be different than other practitioners: developing your own self-awareness.
10 tips for creating a regular practice
    1.  Set realistic goals for what you would like to attain.

    2.  Practice everyday-rain or shine -whether you feel like it or not

    3.  Bring your meditation practice into your daily life a few minutes a day.

    4.  Be Patient with your resistance. It is also a lesson.

    5.  Meditate only to meditate.

    6.  Create a quiet space to build your practice.

    7.  Find a convenient time where you won't be interrupted.

    8. Start with some simple exercises to increase your awareness and breathing

    9.   Length of time is not as important as intensity.  Focus on Quality not Quantity.

    10.  Keep a journal or log of each day.  Just a few lines will help.




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