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Licensing and legislation 
Issues in Massage Therapy

There are many issues regarding the licensing of massage therapy.  Each state that has required licensing has it's own definitions of what is considered to be massage/bodywork.  There isn't any one universal definition.  Because of the many different types of massage/bodywork, it is important to become involved in creating and ensuring your future. Even though you may think that something doesn't directly affect you, it may in the future.  Become informed of what is going on in your area, nation and globally.  
There are some alternative organizations and information that needs to be considered with regards to licensing.
The Massage Law Newsletter and Healing and the law by Albert Schatz and Mary Brewster, provides information on how legislating massage (massage boards) may be illegal.
The Minnesota Natural Health Coalition - law that says alternative practitioners don't have to be regulated, but patients must sign a clients bill of rights.
NY Natural Health Project - protecting alternative medicine in NY

Los Angeles Massage Therapists Alliance

Massage Therapist Activist Pages - Keith Eric Grants pages on how to be an activist.
 Short history of National Certification. 

These links are for informational gathering only. The states listed have state requirements for practicing massage. Please check your local city, state and county for further information on what you need to practice massage in your area.  If a state is not listed there is no state licensing required.  Check with you city, county or town for further information.
Please let me know if you have any to add!

Information may change on this chart.  Please visit each states website for more accurate information.  The National Board of Certification can be found at http://www.ncbtmb.com/

If your state is not listed it may have legislation pending or not have any requirements.

Alabama Board of Massage 650 hours, written exam, NCETMB
Arkansas Board of Massage 500 hours, NCETMB or state exam
California No state licensing.
Each city, town has different requirements.

For more info on state licensing pending see:


Connecticut  Department of Public Health 500 hour, NCETMB exam
Delaware Board of Massage and Bodywork 500 hours Therapist, 100 hour tech.. NCETMB
District of Columbia 500 hours, NCETMB
Florida  Department Of Health 500 hours, NCETMB
Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs: Division of Professional and Vocational Licensing 570 hours
written exam
Iowa  Bureau of Professional Licensure: Massage Therapy Board 500 hours, NCETMB
Louisiana  Louisiana board of Massage  500 hours, NCETMB
Maine Office of Licensing and Registration 500 hours, No exam
Maryland Board of Chiropractic Examiners 500 hours, NCETMB
Mississippi 700 hours, NCETMB
Missouri State board of Therapeutic Massage 500 hours, NCETMB
Nebraska Health and Human Services 1,000 hours, NCETMB
New Hampshire Employment Security 750 hours, NCETMB
New Jersey board of Nursing

Fact sheet

New Mexico Massage Therapy Board 650 hours, NCETMB
New York  Office of Professions 1000 hours
North Carolina   Board of Massage 500 hours, NCETMB
North Dakota 750 hours,
written and practical exam, NCETMB
Ohio State of Ohio Medical Board 600 hours, written exam
Oregon Board of Massage 500 hours, NCETMB
Rhode Island Health Professions Regulations 500 hours,
written and practical exam, NCETMB
South Carolina: Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation 500 hours, NCETMB
Tennessee Massage Licensure Board 500 hours, no exam, NCETMB
Texas Department of Health 250 hours, 50 hour internship, written and practical exam.
Utah Occupational and Professional licensing therapist -600 hours, 
apprentice - 1,000 hours NCETMB
Virginia  Board of Nursing 500 hours, NCETMB
Washington State Dept of Health 500 hours, NCETMB or state exam
West Virginia  Massage Therapy Licensure Board 500 hours,  no exam
Wisconsin 600 hours, 1 million liability ins, NCETMB

See also: Massage Magazines list of states and licensing info

List of Definitions of Massage therapy by state.


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