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     Thinking about a career in massage??

Can you make a living in the field of massage?

How do you find out what school is the best for you?

What qualities are needed to run a massage business?

What are some of the issues that I will be faced with in business?

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The Massage Therapy Career Guide
4th Edition, Jan 2004! 
Over 1,000 copies sold on the web!
"The truth about becoming a massage therapist..."
what massage schools and associations won't tell you about becoming a massage therapist!)
by Julie Onofrio, LMP
owner, editor 
, www.massagetherapycareers.com

The Massage Therapy Career Guide (or the Truth about becoming a massage therapist") is a 37 page resource guide with all the information you need to help you decide on a career in massage therapy!

There is much more to a career than just doing massage and assisting people in feeling better!  I provide my insights after 15 years of working full time in Seattle as a massage therapist!

The process begins with deciding you want a career in the field and researching the possibilities that will fit into your life.  Massage school is the first commitment but is only the beginning of a difficult and sometimes isolated path.  It is also an incredibly rewarding route.   

Most massage schools advertise that a person will do well in a massage career if they have good hands, like to help people and want a rewarding career.  While this is partially true, I feel that there is more to a career in massage than that.  It involves running a business, dealing with practice issues, learning about the therapeutic relationship and above all taking care of yourself.  Massage schools often rely on the statistic that therapist will burn out after 3-5 years so they can continue to train therapists.  

Most therapists often struggle financially and personally, as they are thrown into the world of massage.  It doesn't have to be that way.  Learning from others  through mentoring, supervision and peer group support will assist you in making a future in the massage profession.

The booklet includes these topics;

  • Info about me and why I am writing this.
    My personal practice profile

  • Can you make a living doing a massage?  Includes a worksheet for assisting in your research.

  • What kind of work can I get as a massage therapist or where can I set up an office?

  • How to research massage career and business possibilities?

  • Licensing, Certification, Legislation- Massage Laws statewide(USA)

  • Choosing a school- Going to school is just the beginning.  A massage school doesn't teach you how to be a massage therapist, just like law school doesn't teach you how to be a lawyer (it teaches you the laws) or having a baby doesn't make you a parent.  It involves a commitment to your learning process and a willingness to make changes in your life. Includes a worksheet for choosing a massage school and guidelines for getting the most out of massage school.

  • What different Types of therapies there are to study and guidelines for choosing a path to follow. 

  • Practitioner Issues. (The hidden dimension to a career in massage and bodywork)  Therapists are often faced with issues like isolation, boundary challenges and ethical dilemmas.

  • Why massage businesses fail

  • The future of massage therapy.

  • Getting Clear about a career in massage

Career resources: Online and book references


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The Truth about becoming a Massage Therapist...
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