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Marketing Ideas

This list of ideas is really endless.  Most massage therapists can come up with many ideas on how to market one's business.  The key to a successful and rewarding practice is to find a way of marketing that is in tune with who you are - what your values and beliefs are.  When you are able to develop a plan based on who you are, your practice will flourish.  It also involves finding out what false beliefs that you have that keep you from implementing your ideas.   Working with a supervisor or peer supervision group is the key to becoming aware of yourself and working to overcome such issues.  You can learn how to start your own supervision group and receive more support through the largest online peer supervision group at www.massagepracticebuilder.com.


  1. Keep a file box on your desk with all your ideas in it on separate cards.
  2. Give your clients gift certificates to give to their friends and spouses.
  3. Send out birthday cards with a discounted massage offer.
  4. Call clients that you haven't seen in awhile and let them know what times you have available that week.
  5. Do market research and find out what others in your area are doing and how they are marketing.  Ask them to send you their flyer, card or brochure.
  6. Return all phone calls within hours or at least the same day.
  7. Give regular clients a special volume discount -  Buy 5 massages and pay up front and get $5.00 off of each massage.
  8. Publish a monthly or quarterly newsletter. (or email newsletter)
  9. Read marketing and business books to keep inspired.
  10. Have your clients write testimonials for flyers or brochures.
  11. Ask for regular feedback from your clients.
  12. Call your client the next day after a session to see how they feel.
  13. Set up a regular treatment time for repeat customers  i.e.  save 2:00 on Thurs for them exclusively.  It's easier for them to remember when their appointment is and it fills your schedule.
  14. Send offers for gift certificates for holidays such as Christmas, Valentines Day.
  15. Write articles for the newspaper or regular local publications.
  16. Hold an open house.
  17. Develop a give away product like a stretching chart for people's desk.
  18. Give free consultations.
  19. Develop a web site for your clinic with informational articles, e-mail newsletter, discounts, gift certificates, etc.
  20. Make magnetic business cards.
  21. Develop a one line slogan that can be associated with your practice
  22. Offer to bill clients on a monthly basis.
  23. Give free lunch time seminars where people can find out about your services.
  24. Offer Free foot massages or chair massages.  See "Using chair massage to market your practice".
  25. Set up an answering service to book your appointments.  People are often put off by answer machines or voice mail boxes.
  26. Send letters to other supporting practitioners ( naturopaths, acupuncturists, physical therapist, chiropractors, psychologists, counselors, herbalists, MD's, osteopaths, orthopedic physicians, etc.). Ask for referrals.  Ask them for information about themselves too so that you can refer to them.
  27. Have a ready made  list of contacts for referrals. Make sure you know who you are sending people to.
  28. Send hand written thank you notes.
  29. Send regular announcements to your clients offering reminders, health tips etc.
  30. Donate gift certificates to auctions for local non-profit business such as art museums, schools or other community services.
  31. Make a thorough business plan and refer to it often. Revise it often.
  32. Attend conferences.
  33. Get set up to take credit cards through your business account.
  34. Set up regular business hours so people know they can count on you.
  35. Keep your mailing list up to date.  Keep track of everyone who comes to see you.
  36. Develop an Information Kit for new prospective clients telling them everything they need to know about getting a treatment such as location, cancellation policies, educational material.
  37. Make brochures, flyers, business cards, gift certificates
  38. Develop detailed educational material.
  39. Research rates and price structures in your area to make sure you are charging fairly.
  40. Send Press Releases.
  41. Become an Expert in your field for your local newspapers and TV news.
  42. Offer your clients a free treatment if they refer 3 friends to you.
  43. Keep up on techniques and methods, always improving your self and your treatments.
  44. Get a small ad in your local yellow pages.
  45. Make copies of interesting and informative articles to have on hand for distribution as needed
  46. Subscribe to a marketing newsletter or e-zine to generate ideas and keep motivated
  47. Subscribe to business magazines or e-zine to keep up to date on what is going on in business.
  48. Read marketing books such as "Guerrilla Marketing" by Jay Conrad Levinson or "Marketing Without Advertising" by Michael Phillips and Salli Rasberry
  49. Make rolodex cards or magnetic business cards
  50. Offer a senior citizens discount.
  51. Determine who your target markets are.  Athletes, business people, infants and develop a plan for each group.
  52. Join the Chamber of Commerce or local rotary club for networking.
  53. Join a breakfast club with other professionals
  54. Run promotions for the various holidays emphasizing gift certificate sales:  Christmas, Valentines Day.
  55. Teach a class "How to massage for couples" or other stress reduction class for local adult education centers.
  56. Volunteer your time to charities or non-profit organization.
  57. Set up a study of massage therapy and ask for volunteers.  I know an acupuncturist who set up a study and only got one person who then sent her 7 people and now she is doing the whole office of about 50 people!
  58. Create a Web Presence to educate the public as to what your services are, build trust with potential clients, share your thoughts, ideas, beliefs.
  59. Offer a free meditation class at lunch time.

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