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Bodywork and Massage Therapy Links!

Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine

  • Anatomy Explorer-  Health Network
  • Master Muscle List - Loyala University Medical Education Network.  Great pictures with origins, insertions, actions, nerves, arteries. Cute animated skeleton.
    • Online Muscle Atlas- University of Washington- Nice pictures with full listings of origins, insertions, actions, nerves, arteries.
    • Atlas of the body- Good overall view of muscles done by the AMA.  Good diagram of carpal tunnel.
    Aromatherapy Career Information Fibromyalgia Laws and Regulations (State Board Contacts)

    Massage Associations


    Modalities -mega links to all therapies on the web

    Movement Study

    • The Method - Joseph Pilates work.  Videos to order.
  • Products- Links to bodywork and massage suppliers


    Theory and Practice

    • Somatics.de-  Discourses on the Human body from a Structural Integration person.
    • Ed Maupins Home Page- Interesting articles on Mentorship, somatic papers, Awareness and Embodiment
    • Jeff Linn's Home page - digital imaging for bodyworkers. check out the  Core experience article( links to Ed Maupin)
    • Dorko's Desk- Interesting ramblings about the body and healing.
    • Whiplash 101- extensive info on whiplash and soft tissue injury.  Free section and members only section ($29.95 yr.) for diagnostics and recommended treatments.
    • Touch Pro -Chair massage, David Palmer, training and support.
    • SomaZen -Bodymind Integration.  Nice articles on bodymind and somatics. (Nicely designed page)
    • Healingpeople.com -Excellent articles for bodyworkers.
    • Muscle Test - match the muscles with the name!
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