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Insurance Billing Codes for Massage Therapists

The key to getting paid while billing insurance companies is using the proper codes. Bills may be returned or refused because of improper coding.  If unsure as how to use these, contact the company you are billing and ask them to assist you in filling out the bill.

Billing Form HCFA (Healthcare financing Administration)1500- available at local office supply stores
 CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes for massage therapy and related procedures - identifies the type of care or the procedure that is used in that care.  The best way to know what codes the insurance company will accept is to call and ask them!

97010- modality; hot or cold packs- 15 minute increment
97124- massage treatment-15 minute increment
97140- myofascial release- 15 minute increment
97112- neuromuscular re-education- 15 minute increment


Diagnosis codes (ICD codes-International Classification of Disease)- Diagnosis codes are often needed when billing even though we are not able to diagnose.  This information should come from the referring physician.
Also see the ICD-9 code search engine :  http://www.e-mds.com/icd9/index.html

307.81 Headaches, tension
353.0  Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
354.0  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
526.9 Jaw pain
714.30  Juvenine rheumatoid arthritis
715.9  Osteoarthritis
716.9  Arthritis NOS
719.41  Shoulder Pain
719.42 Elbow Pain
719.43 Wrist Pain
719.45 Hip Pain

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719.46  Knee Pain
719.48 Joint pain- multiple areas
719.50 joint stiffness
719.56  Knee stiffness
722.11  displacement of thoracic
723.1  Cervicalgia (neck pain)
723.4  Radiculitis
723.5  Neck stiffness
724.1  Thoracic pain
724.2 Lumar back pain (myofascial pain, low back)
724.4  Thoracic radiculitis
724.5  Back pain: unspecified

726.0  Frozen Shoulder
726.10  Disorder of bursae and/or tendons of shoulder
726.30 Elbow tendinitis
728.85 Spasm of muscle
729.1 Cervical and thoracic Myalgia/Myofascitis/Myositis
729.4  Fascitis NOS
729.52  Leg/Foot pain
729.82 Cramp
780.7  Fatigue
784.0 Headache pain
839.0  Cervical subluxation
913.8 Forearm injury, unspecified
959.3  Wrist injury

E812.0  Collision with Motor Vehicle (driver)
E812.1 Collision with motor vehicle (passenger)

Sprain/ Strain
724.6 Back strain sacroiliac (chronic)
840.8  Sprain/Strain of other
840.9 shoulder (and upper arm, blade )
842.0 Wrist
843.0 Iliofemoral
843.8  Hamstring
845.0 Ankle/Foot
847.0 Cervical
847.1 Thoracic
847.2 Lumbar
846.0 Lumbosacral
846.1  Sacroiliac
848.9  Strain/Sprain NOS
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