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The State of Billing Insurance Companies...

I am in the process of collecting information on what is allowed in each state to show just what a mess the state of insurance billing is...please send your information to me and I will post it.

WA- We are able to become contracted providers with major medical carriers, but we still are not paid our going rates.  The average fee in the Seattle area is approximately $75 per hour.  The number of session we are allowed is limited by some insurance companies.  Third party networks such as American Whole Health Networks has us waiting for 3 months to be paid.  They are also creating a medical massage credentialing. (to read a really great article on credentialing.)

Some Insurance companies will only let us bill the CPT code 97124 while others allow 97140 and 97112.  There is a great discrepancy in allowable fees.

In general, since the Every Category Law was passed making it mandatory for insurance companies to allow us to become providers, the insurance companies are constantly finding new ways to not pay us.  Some have closed their list permanently meaning no one else can join.  You also cannot sell your business to anyone other than someone who is already a provider.
We can bill Labor & Industries for 12 session of massage ( a joke really if someone has a serious injury - which they usually do)

We can also bill automobile insurance companies, but there are a few companies who are joining the third party networks which means we have to accept discounted fees!!




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