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The baths can be a part of your session if you have the equipment at the office to do so or send the directions home with your client for continued relief.

Full Bath: Warm baths ( 90-95 F) are calming and soothing to the nerves, help relieve bladder and urinary problems, mild colds.
Hot Baths (100-113 F) - shocks the system; causes increased circulation especially when followed by bundling in blankets causes profuse sweating to detoxify the body wastes.  Caution: Hot baths can dehydrate the body and can be exhausting.  It can also lower blood pressure and result in fainting.
Cold baths (55-65 F)- shocks the system initially and then slows the heart down

Half Bath: 

Sitz bath -  
   Effects and Indications:

Medicated Baths:
Cold Foot Bath -
Contrast Foot Bath -





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