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God Being Human Being God    


The first time I heard the statement "God being human being God" I reacted with all the usual resentments and fears of being raised Catholic.  I was the bad person who had sinned and would go to hell.  I envision lightning striking me at this very moment. 

The word God is so misused and misunderstood by religions and new age movements of the world.  Religions use the word God to scare us into awakening.  We must believe in God to reach heaven.  We must be good to be in God's grace.  We shouldn't lie, cheat, steal or kill others. We shouldn't have inappropriate thoughts.   We are searching outside of ourselves for something that is Godlike or for some sign that God is out there to make meaning of our existence and somehow know ourselves better.  We are driven to find material rewards outside of ourselves so that we may feel for just an instant a little better about ourselves.  Our quest for searching for this God outside ourselves has lead to the destruction of the earth and universe as we know it.  We want more and more for ourselves at the cost of using a little more oil and cutting down a few more trees.  

I propose another meaning of God.   We are all God.  Each and every creature, sentient being, plant, insect, algae, every terrorist, every murderer, every liberal activist.  God is something inside of us.  We are first person God.  I am God, You are God, Every cockroach is God.  

Our resistance to such a statement is just that - our resistance to experiencing our godself. Our ego defenses keep us stuck in believing that we are separate from god, from ourselves.  Our egos keep us searching outside of ourselves for what is simply within us if we would only open our eyes.  We have been brainwashed into believing otherwise, but we needed to do that to protect our fragile selves - our true selves.  Our false beliefs that we learned from our families, our schooling, our religious experiences keep reinforcing the egos lessons - we are not loveable just as we are, we are not enough just as we are, people will leave us if we aren't what they want us to be, we are not perfect as we are, we need more and more to make ourselves feel better.

When we can accept this realization that We are God, You are God, I am God, as truth we will know our true selves.  Our need to always have more or be more will be replaced with compassion and empathy for ourselves, others and the planet. To become first person god means accepting that "When I look at you, I see me.  When I hurt you, I hurt me."  When we find our true self we will be aware of what we are doing to the earth, ourselves and others.  

Consciousness is the path to becoming God.  Without this realization, the world will return to anarchy - true nature.  Being greedy, unconscious beings will lead to the destruction of the planet and the human race.  

Becoming God is a process. It is the process of becoming God thinking, God loving, God giving. The simple way to start the process of becoming God starts with accepting the statement "I am God, all creatures are God."  As you look around you, you can see and feel god in everything. It begins with a willingness to let go of your false beliefs, projections and ego defenses to allow consciousness to develop.   It most likely will not happen overnight, and you won't be perfect at it.  After all, you are also human.

 All it really takes is for one of us to start the process of becoming God.  One god being human being god. 













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