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Glossary of Terms (B, C,)

Body Mechanics - Massage Therapists appropriate use of own body for maximum efficiency with minimum strain using proper leverage and strength.  See Self Care

Bursitis - Inflammation of a bursa.  Inflammation in a bursa can result from an injury (acute) or develop gradually from repeated use.  If a joint is already in an abnormal or degenerative state, the bursa can be irritated.  Acute bursitis is constantly painful.  Bursa fluid in the inflamed state has a high concentration of calcium ions.

Calorie - a unit of heat. Food is associated with its ability to supply calories and the bodies ability to use them.

Capsular Pattern - a pattern of limitation of movement that has become common for the joint which indicates a problem exists:  a joint dysfunction

Carbohydrate - an organic compound containing only carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen molecules.  It is a basic source of energy, being stored as glycogen in almost all of the body tissues, but primarily in the liver and muscles.

Cardiac output- the amount of blood pumped by the heart per minute.  At rest it is usually 6-8 liters per minute

Circular Sports Friction - Friction applied in a circular motion with thumb, fingers, heel of the hand, elbow or other surface.  Skin moves with compressor into and over the underlying tissue.

Compression - Rhythmic pumping action that may vary in pace and depth; can be applies with fist, palm, heel of hand or fingertips; used to create hyperemia and to spread fibers.  Always applied toward underlying bone. Contraindicated over joints and bony prominences

Concentric contraction - a shortening of the muscle during a contraction, a type of isotonic exercise

Contractures - Shortening or tightening of skin, fascia, muscle or joint capsule that prevents normal mobility or flexibility of that structure

Contusion- Bruising from a direct blow, resulting in capillary rupture, bleeding, edema and an inflammatory response.

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