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 Visualization for Building Your Practice

One of the most important thing you can do to build a successful and rewarding  practice is to visualize exactly what you want it to be.  Clarifying your purpose, needs and desires are essential in making a business plan.  Here are some tips of things to include to clarify your vision.  It is also helpful to determine who your ideal client is.  You can do this and find support for the process of building your practice through supervision and peer supervision groups.

  1. How many clients a week do you want/need to be seeing?   How many do you need to be prosperous? Set the number within reason.  Can you physically see that many?  Do you have enough time to see that many? Picture exactly how many you want to see.  Picture people calling and making appointments and coming in for their treatments. If you have a specialty or preferred clientele (athletes, injuries, relaxation), picture those specific clients walking in the door. Create as many details as possible including what time you have off, what time you go in, how clients feel walking out the door.
  2. After you complete your visualizations, start making a business plan.  What will it take to build the practice of your dreams?  What will it take to do it?  Most often you will find if you keep doing the visualization every day, that you will automatically bring whatever you need to bring the vision into reality, into your life.
  3. Write a sentence or two that describes your vision.  "I have 20 people a week on my schedule for a one hour session.  They are people who value their health and value my services."  I have one new client calling each week or day.
  4. Take a piece of paper and divide it into 3 columns.  At the far left hand side of the page, write your vision sentence.  Repeat it down the length of the paper.  In the middle column start writing your objections or thoughts that come up in response to the vision sentence.  Write all the way down the length of the paper.  It is usually your projections- like "I can't do that" or " no one will come to me anyway" or whatever, that will keep you stuck.  I talk more about projections and what you can do to reduce the amount that they influence you in www.massagepracticebuilder.com
  5. In the right hand column, write a positive response to your negative comment in the middle.
  6. Picture each client and the treatment you give.  Not just the motions of what technique you will use, but focus on what it feels like to bring touch, massage/bodywork into someone's life.
  7. Image the exchange of energy.  What does each client bring into your life?  I had a shiatsu practitioner once say that every client was a gift and he went on to look at each client as an opportunity to learn about himself and the world.  What gift is the client bringing you?
  8. Be specific with this visualization of a successful practice. Include details of every session, every day, every week, every month.
  9. Focus on what it feels like to have a practice full of clients and abundance.
  10. Keep doing this for 30 minutes a day.  


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