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Massage Therapy Business 101


Finding a Job in Massage Therapy


Setting up your business

Independent contractor vs. Employee Status-   Short questionnaire to help determine status.

Pros and Cons of Self Employment vs. Working for an Employer

The Key to Success

Suggestions for Contract Agreements

Setting Fees for services

Determining your cost per client- this will help you decide if you want to become an insurance provider


Massage Therapy Business Building

Business Plans - Creating a personal and professional mission statement and informed consent statement is essential.  You need to know what is important to you so that your business can be an accurate reflection of who you are.  
    Mission/Vision Statements
    Informed Consent
Building A Practice - Marketing ideas to help you jumpstart your practice

Customer Service Guidelines

Marketing with Chair Massage

Making a Website   A website is an essential tool for every practice.  If you are serious about starting and building a practice, you will need to have a website.

Visualization for building a practice   Creating a vision for yourself is one of the first steps in starting a successful and rewarding business.  Getting clear about your vision is the difficult part.  You can learn to create a vision through the process of supervision and peer supervision groups

Remembering your Spirit

Male Therapist Issues - The hot new topic...are males being discriminated against in this profession or are they creating this for themselves??

Insurance Billing

Issues and Ethics in Billing Insurance Companies (my challenge to the profession)-This is a must read for anyone contemplating participating in a provider network or wanting to bill insurance companies for massage therapy services.  There are many issues involved and no clear answer.  I encourage everyone to get engaged and start participating as a community to find some resolution of the issues at hand.

SOAP notes - Basic charting guidelines

What do we want to say in soap notes   

Purchase the complete 
Massage Therapist's Guide to Billing Insurance Companies 

or find out more first !

Functional outcomes charting- If you are going to bill insurance companies for your services, you will need to learn to play this game of charting in order to get paid!

General guidelines for Insurance Reimbursement- Includes Personal Injury, Third Party Reimbursement, and Labor and Industry.

Personal Injury Common Legal Terms

CPT codes/ICD codes-   Basic codes to get you started.


Business Forms:

Physician referral for massage

Progress Report

Confidential Health Intake form  Word 97 format- You can edit this in Word

Confidential Health Intake form -html format-  You can cut and paste this into your own word processing program.

More forms for free at Sohnen-Moe Associates!


CARE Charting - Alternatives for SOAP charting -article Massage and Bodywork magazine.

Writing a Business Plan see online- Business plan wizard

Small business Association

Licensing, Rules and Regulations- Links to State Boards and Licensing Departments


Books- Complete list of the top books that every massage therapist needs on their bookshelf! 
 Highly recommended reading!

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