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This page is out of date.  If anyone has the time to provide the information, I would 
be happy to update this information.  Please post your comments and opinions of the 
associations on the bulletin boards or weblog.  Thanks for participating!





Fees:    Certified: $229 per year.
discounted if paying for 2-3 years
Professional/Practitioner: $199 per year
$129 per year
( Professional liability) insurance
2 Million per occurrence

3 Million aggregate

6 Million aggregate annually.

2 Million per occurrence

3 Million aggregate (annual limit)

2 Million per occurrence

2 Million aggregate

General Liability   2 Million per occurrence 

3 Million aggregate (annual limit)


1 Million per occurrence

2 Million aggregate

Products liability   2 Million per occurrence

3 Million aggregate
(annual limit)

1 Million per occurrence

1 Million aggregate

Fire insurance   $100,000 $50,000
Business Personal Property $10,000 annually
additional $75
$10,000 annually
additional $75
additional $75 annually
covers legal defense      
legal consultations Free 30 minutes: includes non-massage related issues    
additional locations      
teacher coverage     covers 1-9 students.
$229 for 10-99 students
coverage for employees     employees insured as individuals
Administered by Marsh Affinity Group Services

Seabury and Smith

  General Star Indemnity Insurance Company
Underwritten by      
Copy of Policy   $10 extra  
Business Personal Property Insurance     Yes.
Group Disability Insurance   Yes. Extra fees  
Group Health Insurance     Yes. Extra fees.

Provide by IUNHCAMP Health and Welfare Fund

Group Dental Insurance   60% discount program  
Life Insurance Yes. Extra fees    
Personal Accident Insurance Yes. Extra fees.    
Equipment Insurance  Yes. Extra fees.    
Member Discounts      
Visa/MC MBNA no fee 
5.9% introductory rate
Yes.  Fixed annual rate 3.9% introductory rate , no annual fee  
Disney Magic Kingdom Club   Yes  
Hotel/Travel Discounts      
Office Supplies      
Business Support      
Directory of Practitioners Yes. Online only.
Names, phone numbers, type of work, fees etc
Yes.  Available Online through request only. Yes. Online only.

Extra fee for practice information

Job Network      
visa/mc set up       
Magazine Yes. Massage Therapy Journal  Yes. Massage and Bodywork  No
Newsletter  Yes -"Hands On" local chapters No Yes
e-mail newsletter E-touch. for members and non-members    
Student memberships   Yes. $49 per year  
Requirements for membership      
Requirements for renewal   16 hours CEU's over 2 years for certified level renewal fee
Type of organization      
Number of members     42,000 members
includes other disciplines
Website address www.amtamassage.org www.abmp.com www.imagroup.com
Code of Ethics      
Standards of Practice      



General Liability- non-professional liability such as falls in the office, or other work area.
Per Occurrence
Product Liability
Professional Liability - covers your work. i.e. if you are sued because you caused further damage to an injury.






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