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Aromatherapy Resources

   Aromatherapy Registration Counsel  

Aromatherapy Council

Aromatherapy Today Journal

International Federation Of Aromatherapy

The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA)


Ethics of Practicing Aromatherapy in a Massage Practice


Information on Oils and their properties/qualities:

Aromacare UK

Aromatherapy Glossary

Emotional and Metaphysical Use of Aromas

Essential Oil Profiles - complete list of oils and their qualities, along with more information on how to use them.  List of safety concerns. Everything you want to know about carrier oils, history of aromatherapy and purity of essential oils.  www.aromaweb.com

Guide to the Therapeutic uses of oils









Aromatherapy Schools
Clare Maxwell- Hudson School
- Clinical Aromatherapy Class

ByRegion.net - List of Aromatherapy Schools

Listing of homestudy aromatherapy classes 

Aromatherapy Careers 

Extensive list of aromatherapy links

Young Living Oils??  The controversy over YLO a MLM company promoting aromatherapy and a questionable raindrop technique.

      The Effect of Aromatherapy Treatment on Raised Arterial Blood Pressure– Pilot Study
by Jolanta Basnyet BA(Hons)

Antiviral and Antimicrobial Properties of Essential Oils by Dominique Baudoux

Cancer-Preventing Properties of Essential Oil Monoterpenes D-Limonene and Perillyl Alcohol by Mark Brudnak, Ph.D. ND 

Aromatherapy Essential Oils Properties and Latin Names

Antibacterial and antifungal properties of essential oils. Kalemba D, Kunicka A.

Touch Research Institute

Aromatherapy's Effect on Moods and Minds- Massage Magazine

Inside Aromatherapy — How to Recognize and Offer High-Quality Aromatherapy
by Shellie Enteen,BA,LMT - Massage Today

Aromatherapy Eases Agitation in Severe Dementia

How To Make Your Own Massage Lotions and Oils by Harvest McCampbell  -Massage Magazine

6 Ways Aromatherapy Can Help Your Business- Massage Magazine

Use Caution with Essential Oils by Harvest McCampbell

Natural Scent Therapy How Bodywork Blossoms with Aromatherapy By Eva-Marie Lind Shiveley


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