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Essential Oils vs Fragrance Oils

Essential oils are different from fragrance oils. The quality of the essential oil is what makes the difference between being therapeutic and just smelling nice.  There are about 150 different essential oils all with unique chemical compositions.

Essential oils are extracted from the seeds, roots, bark and berry of plants and are carefully refined to preserve the very thing that makes them "essential".  They contain the vitamins and nutrients that keep the plant alive - the essential constituents that keep it free from disease and growing strongly.  These parts of the plants are highly sensitive and can be damaged if not properly processed.

The effect of the oil also depends on the species of plant used and how it was processed. Different varieties of the same oil can have different qualities and be used for different things.  One essentially needs to be a chemist to really understand them all!

Essential oils are usually more expensive.  It takes about 30 petals of a rose to make a single drop of rose oil.  They are usually processed through steam or water distillation.  Oils produced from citrus plants are called essences and are usually made through cold pressing the rinds.

Most candles are often scented with fragrance oils.  There really isn't any cranberry essential oil.

Fragrance Oils have usually been mixed with other synthetic oils or substances. Fragrance oils are usually cheaper.  

Some oils can have adverse affects such as headaches and dizziness.   This is due to them being impure or possibly synthetic.

It is important to know the source and quality of your oils for proper usage and application.

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