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How to Use Kangen Water made with you Leveluk Water Filter

Kangen Water 
pH 8.0-9.5

Drinking Water - All Purpose: ice cubes, for mealtimes with acidic foods.  Through Continued use, your body can become more alkaline which is necessary for health.  Drink 2 liters a dayReplenishes Calcium levels.  
Brewing Tea, coffee- improves taste, color and aroma
Preparing Soups - draws out natural flavors
Diluting Seasonings such as soy sauce
Pre-boiling vegetables to enhance flavor
Blanch Green Vegetables
Reduced cooking time due to increased heat conduction
Watering plants and preserving cut flowers - Us pH 9.0
Germinating Seeds and seedlings
Drinking water for pets
Dyeing clothing - Vibrant Colors

Acidic Water pH 4.0-6.5 (Beauty Setting)

As an astringent
Boiling Pasta -"al dente" and thicker types of pasta
Cooking Beans -speeds up cooking time
Fruits and Vegetables - Washing and Preparing
Boiling Eggs - shells peel off easily; if egg cracks, yolk remains in shell
Freezing foods such as shrimp and fish- spray when freezing to preserve flavor
Cleaning burned pots and pans; Cleaning tea and coffee stained cups (soak for 24 hours)
Washing dishes
Polishing mirrors, eyeglasses, windows
Bath water - for skin cleaning and tub cleaning
Hair care- use instead of cream rinse
Washing clothes - soak before spin cycle for softening clothes
Pet care - grooming



Strong Kangen
pH 11.0 or higher

Dish Washing - use less water for washing and rinsing
Cleaning - Oil and grease, floors, stubborn toilet bowl stains
Stain Removal- coffee, oil
Rinsing Fresh Fish





Strong Acidic 
pH 2.7 or lower

Cleaning Molds, Mildews, fungus
Disinfect utensils, dishes, containers, medical equipment, cutting boards
Disinfect hands

Note: Washing metal objects will cause rust.

Clean unit after making strong acidic.

Can be substituted for alcohol and hypo-chlorine sodium solutions.

To Maximize disinfectant property, wash with strong kangen before strong acidic


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