About Water:  The truth about drinking water.



Creating the Life You Dream About

Some of the companies that make and sell the various water filter systems depend on the Multi -level marketing system and promise big opportunities.  I have always had resistance to MLM, because of the high expectations people have when joining such systems.

My other concern is that every interaction you now have with any person you meet becomes influenced by the fact that you can make money selling the product to someone else.  When you meet people and have an underlying agenda it influences the interaction.

For massage therapists especially, trying to sell a product to clients, the potential to violate the therapeutic relationship is too high in my personal view.  While it can be done professionally, there will always be a challenge to keep the client/massage therapist relationship one of a safe container to allow healing.


While the thought of being able to make an income in such businesses is always appealing, there are other ways to make additional residual income.  I was thinking about becoming a distributor of one of the water systems and found while I was thinking about it, I already made money with the google ads on the pages I have about water!!

There are also so many different ways to become and stay healthy and most have more to do with how you take care of and honor yourself, than what type of water  you drink.


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